The role of Registers Iceland in regards to the information and service provider Í

Í is the information and service provider for government entities in Iceland. The website enables private persons and companies to obtain information and enjoy various services from public authorities in one location through a single portal.

The principal goal of Í is to allow individuals and companies to interact with the government and municipalities at anytime, anywhere and without delay. Individuals and companies can also obtain information on matters pertaining to them and monitor their status. Individuals have access to their personal information kept in records of public bodies.

The policy declaration of the Government from the end of November 2017 states: “An electronic services portal will be established where Icelanders can, at a single location, access governmental and municipal services and take care of any issues they may have with the authorities. In addition, a consultation portal will be established where the public will be asked their opinion of planned legislation and upcoming projects and transparency will be increased.”

From the February 1st 2020 Registers Iceland will run the call centre for Í and is the issuer of the IceKey, The development and operation of Í is the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

Services at Í

Inbox on My pages. Private and legal entities have access to an inbox containing documents from public authorities, public bodies and municipalities. No documents are stored in the inbox, rather they are retrieved from the agency in question when a logged-in user requests them.

My Pages allows individuals to see information about themselves in the National Registry, Property Register, Motor Vehicle Register, Vaccination Register, Inna (the secondary school education record) and the screening files of the Icelandic Cancer Society. No data is stored at Í There is only data transfer through an encrypted channel from the file keeper to the logged-in user.

Consultation portal (in Icelandic). The object of the portal is to increase transparency and opportunities for the public and stakeholders to participate in policy formulation, establishing regulatory frameworks and the decision making of the authorities. The portal contains planned legislation, drafts of legislative bills and regulations, documents on policy formulation and more. In addition to open consultation on the Internet, there may be other forms of consultation processes, such as the participation of principal stakeholders in committee work or special invitations for their opinion.

Signature lists (in Icelandic). The system is specifically intended to service residents of municipalities who wish to demand a residents’ vote on a particular issue. Í provides a venue to gather electronic signatures on any issue.  Í login service is used, and the legitimacy of signatures is checked at once. Signatures may also be gathered on paper and submitted to the system in an electronic form. 

Open data or (in Icelandic) is intended to serve the public entities that wish to publish documentation of their operations and ensure that they are open for all. Opening documents for the public does not only mean that people have access to them, but also that anyone can use, modify and share the data in any manner.

Login system. IceKey can be used, as can electronic identification in a phone or smart card. IceKey is issued by Registers Iceland. The purpose of the login is to offer a single, harmonised way to log in to personalised service websites.

Personal names. This contains a list of all names authorised in Iceland according to the Naming Committee.

Sponsors’ lists (in Icelandic). The system services potential election candidates who must gather sponsors’ lists. Here, parties can register their sponsors electronically at Í and receive information on the number of valid sponsors according to the registration on paper immediately rather than subsequently, as has been the case. The system was first used in the presidential election of 2016 and has been in use since.

The electronic residents’ voting system is a service provided to Icelandic municipalities. The system was implemented in order to meet the requirements of Chapter 10 of the Local Government Act No. 138/2011 on Consultation Between Municipalities and Their Residents. This includes provisions on municipalities being able to decide to hold special residents’ votes on particular municipal matters.   According to a special interim provision of the Local Government Act, a municipality can request of the Minister that the residents’ vote is carried out solely by electronic means. The provision is intended to support electronic voting at the municipal level.

Public services. The website provides easy access to information on public services, making it unnecessary for users to know beforehand who provides the service.