About the property register

It also contains information on the size of lots and buildings, information on building material and a description of the building in question, as well as the property valuation and fire insurance value. The Property Register also contains information on registered rights, e.g. owners, mortgages and encumbrances.

Open and locked access

Access to basic information such as the size of the property, fire insurance value and property valuation is provided in an open area of the website. More detailed information on lots and buildings can be accessed in a locked area of the site. 

What is the Property Register?

The Property Register is a data and information system run by Registers Iceland. The register contains information on properties and their attendant rights. The Property Register is a single, comprehensive register for multiple authorities, replacing the municipal property registers and district commissioners’ property registration files.

Who oversees registrations in the Property Register?

Various parties are involved in recording information in the Property Register:

  1. Access to the public registration system for district commissioner staff.
  2. Access to Buildings for employees of municipal building authorities.
  3. Access to the property charge system for the employees of municipal collection departments.

Registers Iceland registers fire insurance value and property valuation along with the relevant criteria. Municipal building authorities register new land, lots and buildings, and district commissioners record and register documents electronically in the registration part of the Property Register. Some kinds of information are only entered into the register through the co-operation of all the above parties, e.g. new  properties and joint ownership agreements.

Please send enquiries to skra@skra.is.

Property part

The property part of the Property Register provides the name of the property and identifier, property valuation, size, the name of the current and previous owners, together with further information. Searches can be conducted using land No., property ID No. or the name of the property. The registration part of the Property Register contains information on property mortgages. A fee must be paid for access.

Price list of Registers Iceland (in Icelandic)

Link to web services

The information from the Property Register can be directly linked to other computer systems by using web services. In order to obtain such a link, the applicant (company or public body) must have electronic identification from an accredited certification service provider.

Forms for special processing by the Property Register (in Icelandic)

Price list of Registers Iceland (in Icelandic)

Cadastral Map

The Icelandic Cadastral Map holds information on land parcel boundaries. Note that the cadaster covers only about 50% of registered property yet.