Access addresses

An access address contains both descriptive and geographical information on a location. The descriptive information is similar to the common understanding of an address, e.g. municipality or area name, street name and number etc. The geometrical information refers to geographical coordinate.

Access addresses are useful in all sorts of registration regarding people, businesses and property, places of interest and more. Access addresses are constantly being used or utilized by the general public, either directly or through various institutions and companies, e.g. the authorities, emergency services, researchers, utilities companies and others. 

An access address is simply a destination. It leads anyone in need to the entrance of a building or another kind of access. Any one property can need numerous access addresses, but a single access address can never represent but a single property. For example in a multi-owner building, each stairway can have its own access address. 

Cadastral Map

The Icelandic Cadastral Map holds information on land parcel boundaries. Note that the cadaster covers only about 50% of registered property yet.