Merger is applied for at the proper municipality office. A declaration of ownership of the respective property needs to be notarized for a merger to take effect, unless all respective property is solely owned by the same right-holder.

Furthermore, if different lean holders hold interest in the properties involved, the position of liens needs to be agreed on and the agreement notarized.

Merger of properties based on joint ownership agreement

Merging properties in a multi-owned building requires a new joint ownership agreement to be made.

Land merger

Land merger is applied for at the respective municipality office by handing in a lot map, showing surveyed boundary points along with their coordinate values. If all land parcels involved have already been surveyed, other rules may apply. 

Merger is free of charge in regard to Registers Iceland

Cadastral Map

The Icelandic Cadastral Map holds information on land parcel boundaries. Note that the cadaster covers only about 50% of registered property yet.