Registration of cohabitation - Registration

Here you can notify the registration of cohabitation in the population registry and the registration will take effect the following business day. Note that an individual who is registering for cohabitation must confirm registration on form A-207 so that the cohabitation can be registered in the National Registry.


By e-mail to a mailbox on my pages on Í

Processing time:

Next business day after registration is confirmed.

Price:No charge


Registration of cohabitation is twofold: 

Registration: Either party must begin by submitting this form. On the form one party specifies and discloses information about the other party along with information on where the two will be domiciled. 

Confirmation of registration: The other party must then submit the form "Confirmation of registration of cohabitation". The confirmation must be submitted within 24 hours of the first one, otherwise the notification will be deemed unsatisfactory and registration of cohabitation in the national registry will be declined.

Please note that cohabitation cannot be registered retroactively.