What is Registers Iceland?

Registers Iceland is the Icelandic State’s base registry, used as the basis for decisions on the rights and obligations of persons domiciled in Iceland and Icelandic citizens, e.g. decisions on tax liability, voting rights, the right to an Icelandic passport and access to various rights based on legal domicile, marital status, etc.

It is important that the registration in Registers Iceland is accurate. Information on how you are registered can be found on My pages at Ísland.is.

What information about me is registered?

Registers Iceland records certain basic information on all persons who are or have been domiciled in Iceland and Icelandic citizens residing abroad, as well as changes to their status.

  • ID No.
  • Gender
  • Place of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Names (given name, middle name, surname, display name and abbreviated name)
  • Marital status
  • Cohabitation status
  • Family registration code
  • Legal domicile
  • Residence (if applicable)
  • Membership of religious and life stance associations
  • Links between children and adoptive parents
  • Custody of children
  • Restricted registration – request to be exempted from samples taken from the National Registry.
  • Registers Iceland also keeps a record of the legal competence of persons.

Persons who have never had a legal domicile in Iceland are placed in the system ID register, and deceased are placed in the missing persons register (see details).

Where does the registered information come from?

Requests/notifications of registrations in the National Registry come from either public entities or persons.

Statutory notifications come from public entities, including birth notifications, final divorce decrees, custody and naming.

Notifications from persons include notifications of a change of address, naming of children, registration of cohabitation, changes of names, restricted registrations and changes of personal status that take place abroad, e.g. marriages, births, changes of name and divorces.

Who has access to information about me?

Information from the National Registry is provided by certificates from the registry and by electronic access to information.

Public entities and legal entities can gain access to the National Registry. Details on how information from the National Registry is disseminated.