Gender registration

All Icelandic citizens and individuals with a legal domicile in Iceland can request a change in registration of gender and to change their name at the same time if they wish to do so. Children under the age of 15, can also with the support of their legal guardian(s), request a change of their gender and name. If a child, under the age of 15 does not have the support of their legal guardian(s), one or both, the child can request that an expert committee considers their case.

Note that according to the Gender Autonomy act a change of registration of gender is only allowed once, unless there are special circumstances. This does not apply to children younger than 18. 

From the 6th of January 2021 it was possible to request to be registered with a gender neutral registration in the national register. Registers Iceland contacted the National Queer Organisation of Iceland (Samtökin 78) for advice regarding how to register the new gender neutral registration and it was decided that the registration would be „non-binary“.

If an individual, wishes to receive new ID documentation (passport, driver’s license etc.) after a change of gender registration and name, the person must apply and pay this themselves.

Please note that according to the Gender Autonomy act Registers Iceland has an 18 months deadline to adapt it‘s systems to the registration of neutral gender. As soon as registration of neutral gender is available it will be announced here, on our website.

An individual, who is registered in the national registry but lives abroad or has lived there and had their gender registration changed in that country, can request the changes to be registered in the national registry. Registers Iceland will then assess the documents to see if the change in gender and name was registered in accordance with the laws in the origin country.