Moving within Iceland

A change of address must be registered within 7 days. Advance notifications of change of address are not accepted.

Those who are not married or in registered cohabitation must themselves submit notification of their change of address. You cannot register the change of address of your children who are of legal age or that of your parents. 

Married couples may be registered at different legal domiciles but the spouse that does not notify the change of address must confirm the change by submitting form A-253 within 48 hours. Married couples who are reuniting, e.g. after legal separation, should make a note of that fact in the comments field. The spouse with whom the person is being reunited must confirm the change. If a final divorce decree was granted abroad, documents to that effect must be submitted.

You cannot deregister from cohabitation on the basis of a change of address if you and your partner have children together. In cases where children are involved, a notification of an end of cohabitation is not to be sent until a confirmation of the custody of the children is available from the district commissioner.

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