All Icelandic citizens over 14 years old, as well as foreign nationals who have had a legal domicile in Iceland for 1 year, can have an ID card issued. The consent of custodians must be submitted for persons under the age of 18. A child must arrive at the place of application accompanied by a custodian. In exceptional cases, a child may be accompanied by someone else if a power of attorney from a custodian is available.

How do you apply for an ID card?

The applicant must turn up in person with two passport photos of the applicant. The photographs should be size 35x45 mm and must be recent (not older than six months) and printed on durable photographic paper. The face must be without accessories such as sunglasses or headgear, and the head must face forward, filling out 2/3 of the frame. The background must be white or light grey and be satisfactory in other respects according to the staff of Registers Iceland. An application needs to be filled out at the place of application at the reception of Registers Iceland in Reykjavik, or with a district commissioner if the applicant does not reside in the Reykjavik area.

The above rule may be set aside in exceptional cases, provided that the applicant can offer indisputable proof that applicant is unable to come to the place of application. In these cases, an employee of Registers Iceland can travel to the residence of the applicant in the Reykjavik area. In such instances, a single hourly rate for specialists according to the price list of Registers Iceland is charged.

The applicant must submit legal identification when applying for an ID card (Icelandic driver’s licence). If identification cannot be submitted, two witnesses, over the age of 18, who can verify the applicant’s identity must be present at the place of application. The witnesses must have a legal domicile in Iceland. The witnesses must submit legal identification (ID card, driver’s licence or passport).

Processing and prices

The first ID card is issued at no cost to the applicant. For reissues of ID cards, a price is charged according to Registers Iceland’s price list. The charge must be paid when the application is submitted. If an hourly rate from a specialist must be collected, the charge will be added to the charge for the ID card in the case of reissues.

Processing time for ID cards is 3 to 5 working days.

If an ID card is not collected for three months, it is sent to the legal domicile of the person in question. 

ID card application (only in Icelandic)