When a person is first registered in the National Registry, citizenship is listed and other changes as necessary.

Persons who have a right to an Icelandic citizenship when first registering in the National Registry and have submitted sufficient documentation to that effect are listed as an Icelandic citizen in the National Registry.

Granting of citizenship

When a foreign national is granted Icelandic citizenship with a decision by the Directorate of Immigration or an act of Parliament, notification to that effect is submitted to Registers Iceland by the Directorate of Immigration.

Amendments or corrections to citizenship

If an incorrect citizenship is listed in the National Registry, the person in question must submit documentation confirming their correct citizenship.

A foreign national with more than one citizenship who wishes that another citizenship other than that already listed is registered in the National Registry must submit documentation to confirm this, e.g. a Danish national who also holds German citizenship can choose which citizenship is registered.

Note that only one citizenship can be registered in the National Registry.

The citizenship of a child with one parent who is an Icelandic citizen

A child born abroad

Confirmation of Icelandic citizenship

Registers Iceland issues certificates confirming Icelandic citizenship. Registers Iceland cannot issue certificates confirming foreign citizenship. Such confirmation must be obtained from the state in question.  

If there is doubt as to whether a person listed as an Icelandic citizen in the National Registry has lost their Icelandic citizenship, the Directorate of Immigration is to be contacted.

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