Registered cohabitation

People who live together, have the same legal domicile (address), are not married and have informed Registers Iceland about their marital status, can register their cohabitation in the population registry. Pursuant to law, the date of registration in the National Registry is always based on the reception of the dated request. 

Foreign nationals with an undeclared marital status cannot be registered for cohabitation. In order to register people with an undeclared marital status for cohabitation, the person in question must identify their marital status with relevant documents, e.g. a marital status certificate from the person’s home country. Foreign marital status certificates may not be older than 6 months. 

There are no comprehensive laws on registered cohabitation in the National Registry, and the rights of persons in cohabitation depend on the circumstances in each case. Registration of cohabitation has an effect on factors such as the registration of paternity and custody of children in the National Registry. See: Custody and registration of parents

Confirm cohabitation

When registration has been sent the spouse has to confirm the registration of cohabitation.

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