Certificate of cohabitation :

A certificate confirming present cohabitation, i.e. information on the individuals registered in cohabitation, date of registration and legal domicile.

2.750 kr
  • Processing will take up to 2 business days.

  • Postbox on Ísland.is. Mail sent to legal domicile. Delivery at our office in either Reykjavík or Akureyri.

  • The certificate will specify if the cohabiting individuals are temporarily not registered with joint legal domicile. 

    Registers Iceland now issues electronic certificates that are available in individuals’ postbox on Ísland.is. Electronic certificates are fully equivalent to paper certificates and are easy to forward as needed. The electronic certificates have an electronic signature from Registers Iceland that is very secure and trackable.
    When processed the electronic certificate will be available in the postbox of the person named in the certificate. The exception being when parents or legal guardians order certificates for children or when death certificates are ordered. In those cases the certificate will be available in the postbox of the person who ordered the certificate.

    Appendix to certificates issued by Registers Iceland