If you are an EEA/EFTA citizen who intends to work in Iceland for less than 6 months you need to contact Iceland Revenue and Customs (Skatturinn), regarding the application of a system ID number. You can find the relevant form RSK 3.30 Application of a system ID number from Iceland Revenue and Customs

A tax card is issued following the allocation of a system ID number. You cannot apply for a system ID number yourself but you do need to request Iceland Revenue and Customs to apply for you. A system ID number does not grant you any rights in Iceland and does not confirm your right to residency in the country. 

If you need the system ID number for other reasons than employment you need to contact the relevant public authority that requires an Icelandic ID number for their own purposes.

Please note that on the 1st of November 2021 a new and differentiated system ID number will replace the current system ID number. EVERYONE who has been issued a system ID number before this time will receive a new, differentiated version of the system ID number.

About System ID number

About system ID number

The general criteria for allocating a system ID number is the need for a unique identification towards public authorities when it is necessary to separate individuals in order to exchange information regarding the individual to other public authorities and companies and also if laws or regulations deem a ID number necessary.

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