Staying more than 6 months

Note that the application processing time can be up to five working days after all necessary documents have been submitted.

As an EEA or EFTA citizen, you may stay in Iceland for three to six months without being registered. The time period is calculated from the day of arrival in Iceland.

  • You have to apply for confirmation of your right to stay in Iceland for more than six months. You do this by filling out form A-271 and submitting it together with all necessary documents. This is an electronic form that can be filled out and confirmed prior to arriving in Iceland. When you arrive, you have to go to the offices of Registers Iceland or the nearest police office and present your passport and other documents.
  • Note that the application for registration of legal domicile is not processed further until the applicant presents passport for identification and other necessary documents in person at the nearest registration office.
  • You have to submit documentation proving that you fulfill the requirements to stay for more than six months. It depends on the reason for application what documents need to be submitted, it is clearly stated on the application forms what the document requirements are.
  • You have to prove that you can support yourself for at least three months according to the guidelines for minimum living expenses.
  • If you fulfill the requirements for staying in Iceland for more than three months, you will be sent a registration certificate via email and registered in the population registry with a legal domicile in Iceland.
  • The registration date of the legal domicile is based on the reception of a sufficient application.
  • It is important that your information in the population registry are correct as the right to public service and assistance is mostly dependent on this registration. An ID No. without a registered legal domicile in Iceland provides limited rights.