Apply for a passport


    Processing time for passports can change with short notice!

    The processing time for passports can be up to 2 working days.

    Passports are manufactured at Registers Iceland and therefore you must factor in time for delivery if you have requested that your passport be sent to you by mail or picked up where you applied for it.

    Express delivery

    If you need your passport quicker you can apply for express delivery. Should you apply for express delivery you will have to pay a special surcharge. See our price list.


    There are three ways to get your passport:

    • Picked up where you applied for your passport.
    • Picked up at Registers Iceland: Borgartún 21, 105 Reykjavík
    • Delivered by mail

    Applicants who are unable to pick up their passport at the place of delivery can grant power of attorney to another person.

    Custodians must pick up the passport of their children unless power of attorney is provided to another person.

    Note that all those applying for passports must carry legal identification (driver’s licence, passport or ID card).

  • Apply for a passport with a district commissioner

    Passport applicants must visit the place of application in person.

    Note that they are very busy around noon and in the afternoons in summer.

    What the applicant must bring when applying for a passport:

    Applicants who cannot prove their identity in a satisfactory manner may be given the chance to summon two legally competent persons who can identify themselves in a satisfactory manner and who can confirm the identify of the applicant with their signature.

  • Those who intend to travel outside the EEA must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months past the estimated final day of travel.

    Foreign authorities often require that passports be valid for a certain period of time subsequent to arrival in the country, usually six months past the estimated day of departure. It is advised to find out what requirements are made in the states to be visited.

  • Passports are valid for ten years from the application date, five years for children under the age of 18.

  • Emergency passports are issued to assist Icelandic nationals in need, mostly to ensure their passage home or to the next place of application for passports.  An emergency passport is never valid for more than 12 months.

    Emergency passports are valid for travel within Europe. They are not recommended for travel outside of Europe because they are not machine readable.