The application processing time can be up to five working days after all necessary documents have been submitted.

Employees that are sent to Iceland to work on behalf of a foreign company, or employment agency, that is located in another EEA/EFTA state, do not need to register unless the stay is more than six months.

An application is not processed until all documentation has been received and the applicant has arrived at a registration office and presented passport and other necessary documentation.

 Form that needs to be submitted electronically:

  • A-271: Application for registration in the national registry for period exceeding six months. The applicant must fill out the form and state their own email address since a registration certificate will be sent via email after registration has been completed.
    • Following documents must be submitted with the application:
      • A copy/photo of a passport or legal travel document with at least six months remaining of its term of validity.
      • Confirmation of health insurance. Travel insurance is not sufficient. 
      • Employment confirmation. Documents that specify the type and period of the employment as well as information regarding payments.
    • It is optional to submit the following documents with the application: 
      • Birth certificate.
      • Marital status certificate. Applicants are encouraged to submit their marital status certificate because marital status may affect individuals’ various rights, and their children (if relevant).

Document requirements.

Upon arrival in Iceland the applicant must go to a registration office and present the original copies of the following documents:

  • A passport or legal travel document with at least six months remaining of its term of validity.
  • Birth certificate and/or marital status certificate, if they were submitted in the application process.

Further information: