Denial, limitations, etc.

Passport denied or other limitations of term of validity

  • The person is not an Icelandic national.
  • The applicant is wanted by the police, a warrant for applicants arrest has been issued, applicant has been placed under a travel restriction and/or has not served sentences.
  • The consent of a custodian of a child under the age of 18 is missing.
  • The consent of a custodian for a person who has been declared incapable.
  • The applicant cannot properly identify himself, herself, themself or provide necessary information for the application.
  • While another passport is valid: A passport that is expiring can be invalidated at the place of application. If a passport is lost or destroyed, it can be registered as invalid. According to Article 6, Paragraph 2 of the Act on Passports, a new passport shall have the same term of validity as the previous passport. Pursuant to Article 18 of the Regulation on Icelandic Passports, those who have twice or more often lost their passport can expect their passport to have a term of validity of 2 years or less while the lost passports are still valid.

Another citizenship

  • Icelandic law allows dual citizenship, and those who acquire citizenship in another state that also allows dual citizenship will keep their Icelandic citizenship and passport.
  • However, persons who wish to acquire citizenship in a state that does not allow dual citizenship must request to be freed from Icelandic citizenship, at which point the passport becomes invalid and must be returned. 

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