Passports for children

Children must always be brought to the application site where a photo is taken on site.

Custodians must attend with a child when applying for a passport. If another custodian does not appear at the application site, he / she must fill out Form V-901 in the presence of two witnesses who will also write their name on the document. The other custodian takes it with them to the application site. If both guardians are present at the application site, form V-901 is filled in there. Please note that the custody of a child is always checked by the National Registry before a passport is issued. A custodian will be contacted if data is missing. In all cases, custodians must present a valid ID (passport, Icelandic driver's license or identity card) when applying for a passport.

Custodians can authorize 3 parties to apply for a passport on their behalf. Then fill in form V-904 together with an attachment to V-904.

If the custodian has sole custody of the child, his / her signature is sufficient for the application and the National Registry confirms that the person in question has sole custody.

Special attention is drawn to the fact that if the custodian, who had sole custody of the child, got married before 01.01.2013, the consent of the stepparent is also required. If the custodian, who had sole custody of the child, registered for cohabitation in the National Register before 01.01.2012, the consent of the cohabiting parent is also required.

If custody of children is registered with the National Registry, parents can see how it is done on my pages on Í under "Þjóðskrá – Fjölskyldan mín".

Attn. in some cases it is necessary to call for custody documents from abroad if the children are or have lived abroad before a passport can be issued.

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