Passport - Approval by guardians

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When an application is made for a passport for a child younger than 18 years, both guardians shall present themselves, together with the child, to apply for the child‘s passport. If one of the child‘s guardians cannot be present, he/she shall sign her/his attested approval on this form. If a child’s guardians are other than the parents, the same provisions apply to their approval.

Sole guardian
If the child has a sole guardian, her/his signature is sufficient for an application for a passport because Registers Iceland will confirm that the person concerned is sole guardian. To avoid delays in the issuance of a passport, however, parent sole guardians should be aware that if they enter into matrimony, the step-parent’s approval is also required. Conversely, if they enter into cohabitation, the approval of the cohabiting parent is required after the cohabitation has been recorded in Registers Iceland continuously for one year.